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LED MULTIMEDIA s.r.o. focuses on services in the field of outdoor digital advertising on large LED screens.


The company's goal is to follow technological advances in order to increase client satisfaction with the new presentation possibilities that this service brings.



LED screens (DOOH) are an example of how to present customers with an interesting and, above all, modern form of advertising with a much wider range of campaign settings from the message itself to the final deployment.

The HYPERKOSTKY project focuses on innovative ways of presenting and installing advertising media throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We specialize in the so-called Hypercubes (OOH hypercube), where we pride ourselves on a quality selection of locations with the greatest possible visibility.

Advertising hypercubes are an effective and modern way of reaching potential customers, promoting brands and products. Within the framework of an agreed advertising campaign, these advertising media are deployed to achieve maximum effect in locations with a high frequency of people. With proven design and placement experience, we can make your idea visible, and reach the necessary group of prospective customers.


Our company prides itself on a professional approach, which is why we carry out the entire job from the idea to the careful disposal of the materials used after the campaign.


It is then up to your courage and creativity to harness the power of our advertising cubes and other media. It's up to you how much you want to advance your brand and how much you want to increase your client portfolio.

And we care about your success, because it's a shared success.

Hot Topic, s.r.o. is a group of advertising agencies focused on strategic brand management and communication.



The group includes the media agency Mediatrix and the creative agency AdHackers. The services and teams of these agencies are integrated and provide clients with thoughtful communication solutions ranging from brand architecture and creative concept development to media strategy and media space buying. To do this, we use the most up-to-date global knowledge of how advertising communication works.

The AdHackers creative agency is a full-service advertising studio that helps clients with branding, develops communication concepts and designs and implements advertising campaigns.


What makes our approach to creative development unique is that we draw on a detailed understanding of how media works to increase earned attention to advertising.  

Mediatrix Media Agency has a team of long-standing professionals with experience in the world of media and agencies. 

To develop media strategies, we work with a large amount of data and research to design optimized solutions for investments in the media space.

This is a media agency for clients with the highest quality service requirements, especially in the retail, e-commerce and banking industries.


Mafia Records is a production company that has established itself as a key player in show business since 2005. With over 18 years of experience, it combines a passion for music with creative artistry through unforgettable musical experiences.

The company is behind impressive events featuring the biggest names in show business including The Game, Ice Cube, Busta Rhymes, Kontrafakt, Majk Spirit, Ektor and more. The strength and respect it has earned is the result of extraordinary experience and the successful building of dozens of artistic careers.

Mafia Records emphasizes quality music production, meticulous management and the ability to create long-term and prosperous partnerships in the world of music. Their strong reputation and respect in the industry is a reflection of passion, professionalism and dedication, making them a major player with influence.

Character is not just a salon and only a place. Character is a salon with a soul, where people find not only quality, but also true satisfaction.


Real comfort and peace. Here you can relax. 

As it is defined, so it is true.

hemp pharmaceutical

At MeCa Medical, our focus is on patients, science-based information and the quality of the products we offer.


We precisely manage our business system with scientifically based knowledge. We research plant-based resources that have been scientifically proven to create lasting and positive change in the lives of patients and their families. We believe that cannabis extracts help a wide range of ailments that we can alleviate symptoms by using them.

Enter the world of Nobacco Brands s.r.o. - where cannabis excites the senses and madness is the order of the day! We are an eccentric Czech company that doesn't swim in an ordinary sea, but surfs the waves of cannabis madness. Get ready for an incredible ride through our world, where laughter mixes with seriousness and where cannabis is not just a plant, but a living festival. Our laboratories are a wild circus where cannabis undergoes magic and transforms into masterpieces - dietary supplements, cosmetics, cannabinoid extracts and vaporizer sticks that are smarter than a stand-up comedian and will perform their own stand-up for you. We believe that our products carry a magic that brings joy not only to people but also to nature. We are a bunch of fools who have fallen for the passion of innovation. Why? Because we believe that only a true fool can change the world. We're here to leave a legacy that's not just a mere footprint, but a celebration of wildness. Cannabis is our secret magic, our magic wand for a better tomorrow.

We're also passionate conservationists, because what would all the knowledge in the world be if we didn't preserve a little bit of that beautiful nature? Cannabis is our ticket to a universe of harmony that we are happy to share with those who dare to be a little crazy.


Cannabis is not just a plant to us, it is the avant-garde wings on which we fly towards new heights. It's a bio generator that doesn't cause chaos, but rather a dancing couple with nature. We pursue cannabis with love and passion, not just as an industry trend, but as a lifestyle. And what to say about our projects? They are our nodes into the world of cannabis. The Fitcann brand is dedicated to CBD and overall healthy lifestyle. The LEEF FEEL brand is now setting trends in recreational cannabis.

Nobacco Brands Ltd. projects are like a carnival parade full of colour and joy. We are a bunch of crazy people with a passion to change the world for the better, and we look forward to having you come sing, dance and laugh with us.


Thank you for joining us on this crazy journey. With us, you are supporting creative steps towards a better and more colorful tomorrow for all of us! Join our circus family where every day is a celebration of life and cannabis is our star!

We are a Czech company Hemp Factory

We are a Czech company Hemp Factory, which since 2019 is engaged in the production and processing of technical hemp - Cannabis Sativa variety. We are dedicated to the processing and production of legal hemp extracts allowed by the laws in the European Union.


Industry, food and cosmetics

We focus on industrial, food and cosmetic uses as allowed by the new 2022 law. Everything is strictly legal and we strive to pick up the true meaning of the plant and overcome the long-standing stigma that has been wrongly attached to cannabis.


We are in the wholesale business

We are mostly dedicated to the wholesale of raw materials - mainly extracts and the development and production of final products for our partners' private labels.


We are members of Czech Hemp

We are a member of the Czech Hemp Cluster, z.s.


The Euro-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce contributes to the development of mutual economic and trade relations between the Czech Republic, the European Union 

and the Republic of Azerbaijan.


The focus of the Chamber is to create space for the development of mutual economic and trade relations between the Czech Republic, the European Union 

and the Republic of Azerbaijan, providing services to businesses 

and entrepreneurs.

We honour law as a service, our goal is long-term effective cooperation and a satisfied client knowing that they can turn to us with confidence at any time.

East Trade Company, aims to connect not only the commercial and social, but also the cultural aspects of seemingly distant countries.


Trade between Europe and the Middle East is a key challenge for the current geopolitical and cultural system and society as a whole.

A person with character acts according to his "character" or nature and not according to what is just advantageous. 


He takes care of his honor, keeps his word and does not change his opinions and attitudes according to the moods of those around him. 


We were created as a group of people who love their work. 


We will not write about the trade of barbers, what it entails, and we would rather invite you to our address Štěpánská 59,  Prague 1, so you can make up your own mind. 

The Daya Foundation is not a typical charity, it's a joint project of a group of companies under the Group of Node brand, who have committed to taking a cut of the profits throughout the year to help make a difference in the life of someone who really needs it. And how do they choose the right recipient? By personal story.

Creative and full service advertising agency operating since 1992, 

with international know-how, flexibly responding to the market and client requirements. 



In the years 2005–2015, we were part of the multinational FCB (Foot, Cone and Belding) network for the Czech Republic and from 2012 also for the Slovak Republic.


We feel like an advertising boutique - individual style with minimal costs 

and maximum effect.

The company Patrio Trade s.r.o. deals with the wholesale sale of ammunition with a focus on international trade. 


Its offer includes ammunition both for security forces and for sports and competition shooting, personal protection and training, as well as small game hunting.


The offered ammunition meets the highest quality standards. The Company holds all licenses and permits.

The Group of Node is happy to present its new project - a house at a classic address in the town of Tábor. 


This house has both accommodation capacity and office space. 


After sensitive reconstruction, it will be ready to welcome guests and tenants at a strategic address in the town of Tábor.

U Průhonu 800, 170 00 Praha 7-Holešovice Číslo účtu: 1387980799/2700 IČ: 07419996 DIČ: CZ07419996 Zapsaná v obchodním rejstříku vedeném u Městského soudu v Praze, sp. zn. C 300717

Group of Node s.r.o.

Tábor office

Vila Libuše Klokotská 744/29  Tábor 390 01

A7 office center  U Průhonu 800 170 00 Praha 7-Holešovice

Prague office

+420 736 507 504

write to us

Above-standard services, great service and a professional team, this is the Daily reality company, which provides a comprehensive service in all areas of the real estate business. Of course, it also includes legal and financial advice 

and purchase of real estate. The company's portfolio includes all types of residential and commercial properties.



Currently, the company places particular emphasis on ensuring safety 

and certainties when dealing in real estate. The company's commitment is to perform consistent work on each individual order until its successful conclusion.

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