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The European-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce contributes to the development of mutual economic and trade relations between the Czech Republic, the European Union 

and the Republic of Azerbaijan.


The focus of the chamber is the creation of space for the development of mutual economic and trade relations between the Czech Republic, the European Union 

and the Republic of Azerbaijan, providing services to businesses 

and entrepreneurs.

A law firm based on a personal approach, trust and professionalism.


Provides comprehensive legal services in all areas of law. 


He regards law as a service, the goal is long-term effective cooperation and a satisfied client knowing that he can turn to his lawyer with confidence at any time.

The company Patrio Trade s.r.o. deals with the wholesale sale of ammunition with a focus on international trade. 


Its offer includes ammunition both for security forces and for sports and competition shooting, personal protection and training, as well as small game hunting.


The offered ammunition meets the highest quality standards. The Company holds all licenses and permits.

The East Trade Company aims to connect not only business and social, but also cultural aspects of seemingly distant countries.


Trade between Europe and the Near and Middle East is a key challenge for the current geopolitical and cultural system and society as a whole.


The company specializes in strategic commodities, technological units 

and technology for the sustainable development of society.

In the beginning there was a story. One that opened many hearts, resonated 

and turned a difficult situation into an opportunity. And that's the goal of Daya, a non-profit organization whose sole desire is to help the less fortunate, and to do so in many ways. Financially, materially or through effective mentoring.


Daya will then use the funds raised each year for those who need it most. The more Group of Node does well, the more Daya will help.

We are a consulting firm from Prague. As part of a wide portfolio of services, we are engaged in activities in the field of public affairs, monitoring, networking, government relations, strategic and professional consulting. 


We help companies find answers to fundamental questions about their direction 

and further development, we create clear and unique strategies and show the way how to subsequently implement them. We solve the complex assignment of our clients efficiently and purposefully. 

Above-standard services, great service and a professional team, this is the Daily reality company, which provides a comprehensive service in all areas of the real estate business. Of course, it also includes legal and financial advice 

and purchase of real estate. The company's portfolio includes all types of residential and commercial properties.

Currently, the company places particular emphasis on ensuring safety 

and certainties when dealing in real estate. 

The Group of Node is happy to present its new project - a house at a classic address in the town of Tábor. 


This house has both accommodation capacity and office space. 


After sensitive reconstruction, it will be ready to welcome guests and tenants at a strategic address in the town of Tábor.

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