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Group of Node is a grouping of successful companies. It based on the synergy of business in significant branches. And it is the result of the continuous activity of the founder of the group - David Snášel.

“Get rid of your fears and worries. Don't be afraid of anything and embrace new possibilities. This is the only way for you to see clearly what is in front of you. Choose only the best things from your past and then let the rest go from your mind. It is like closing a door and opening a window. Breathe freely through your whole body and let your mind be quiet, empty and clean like the winter air.”

JUDr. et PhDr. David Snášel, MBA


LED MULTIMEDIA s.r.o.’s priority is to specialize in services in the field of digital advertising on the large format LED display screens.

The target of the company is to follow technological advances in the interest of the client with new variable possibilities of the presentation which this service brings.

LED technology is an example of the new trend in technological advances and at the same time also a possibility, under the terms of the large format display screens, how to present interesting and most importantly a modern form of advertisement specialized in images with a much broader spectrum of campaigns from the basic information to the final placing of the clients.

Secondly, we also offer maintenance of the installed LED screens, its purchase and the whole realisation of the project.

Mafia Records

Mafiarecords is a production and promotion company with a long tradition and experience from global projects.

Among the varied activities of Mafiarecords are the organisation of cultural events, management and arrangement of cultural events, representation of performers and booking.

Mafiarecords represents the most renowned Czech names and offers a complex and professional quality of the cultural production.

Swiss Energo

Swiss Energo s.r.o. company provides complex solutions during the building, reconstruction and operation of power-producing units.

The client is offered services from the primary consultation and evaluation of the economic benefits, over the processing of the project documentation, supply of the material and implementation of the technological devices, to the operation and the consequent service at the highest expert level.


HelliT company has operated on the Czech and Slovakian market since 2011.

The team consisting of experienced professionals designs, runs and supplies desktop, mobile and web applications, cloud solutions and provides services and maintenance in the field of information technology.

Black Consulting

Black Consulting company, within a broad portfolio of the services, deals with the activities in the field of public affairs, monitoring, networking, government relations and strategic and expert consultancy.

The company is able to solve all-embracing assignments effectively and purposefully.


Agribiotech VEL Company from České Budějovice is a significant company in agricultural biotechnologies.

The company, thanks to the cooperation with the Azerbaijan Company Agribiotex, started to produce agents which transform the sediment from sewage disposal plants to fertilizers

The production was thanks to the investment of hundreds of millions of Czech crowns.

Daily reality

Above standard services do not become reality only on paper but are the result of the diligence of the right team.

Daily Reality Company provides complex services in the all fields of the real estate market to which the law and financial consultancy or purchase of the property belongs.

The portfolio of the company involves all types of residential and commercial properties.

Nowadays the company particularly puts emphasis on securing the safety and certainty while trading with properties.

The commitment of the company is to do the job properly at every single step until its successful end.

East Trade Company

Společnost East Trade Company, si klade za svůj cíl propojovat nejen obchodní a sociální, ale také kulturní aspekty zdánlivě vzdálených zemí. Obchod mezi Evropou a blízkým a středním východem je klíčovou výzvou pro současný geopolitický a kulturní systém a společnost jako celek.Společnost se specializuje na strategické komodity, technologické celky a technolo-gie pro trvale udržitelný rozvoj společnosti.

Partner projects

European-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce

European-Azerbaijan chamber of commerce contributes to the development of the mutual economic and business relations between Czechia, the European Union and the Azerbaijan Republic.

It cooperates with the Azerbaijan Republic embassy in Prague and it has the support of other important state institutions within Czechia and the Azerbaijan Republic.

The specialization of the chamber is to create an environment for the mutual economic and business relations between Czechia, the European Union and the Azerbaijan Republic, providing services to companies and entrepreneurs.


Eximie, o.p.s. helps musically gifted and talented students of music.

The society is meant for extraordinary talents and their support.

In addition to children from socially disadvantaged conditions, children from ordinary Czech families were also included in the project.

In these cases, the support is meant for the coverage of the so called extraordinary expenses like travel expenses and equipment which significantly exceed the financial abilities of their families.

From an artistic point of view, the really important thing for the development of talent is the participation in artistic competitions, domestic and foreign study, workshops and courses lead by music experts, performance on honoured stages and many others.

These activities are the important factors for their future professional music career.

The students meet with experienced artists, learn to mix in the competition environment and concert halls, improve in foreign languages, become independent and last but not least, they can find new musical friends.


Group of nodes


Group of Node s.r.o.

Jana Masaryka 252/6, 120 00 Praha 2
+420 702213599,
IČ: 07419996

Prague office

NLC. 4th floor
Jana Masaryka 252/6,
120 00, Praha 2

Tábor office

Klokotská 744/29 
Tábor 390 01 

Confirmation from the Business Registry:

Registered in the Business Registry in Prague Municipal Court, registration number 300717
The company information and published legal documents can be found on the website (public register -> collection of documents).

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Group of Node s.r.o.
Jana Masaryka 252/6, 
120 00 Praha 2
Account number: 876384002/5500
IČ: 07419996
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